The Career Leap Roadmap
Attention: Active and Aspiring High-Achievers
Are there career goals you haven't met for more than a year?
Examples: didn't make $ you want, didn't get promoted, don't feel fulfilled, haven't started a business
This could be 👉👉 pointing out that you have a disempowering belief in this area...
Examples: "I am just not ... (smart, educated, lucky) enough,"  "I'm not the type of person that..." "I can never..."
One thing's for sure, disempowering beliefs don't leave you feeling on top of the world... or that you can handle anything coming your way...

Disempowering beliefs usually hide quietly.... Sneaky devils...

You might not see or even be aware of them. But they place constrains on your ability to consider possibilities, impact actions you take, or even can completely paralyze you.
Common symptoms of a disempowering belief
You put much effort without producing results you want
You've given up trying
You complain persistently about the situation (even if it's just to yourself)
You have a good explanation / justifications for why things are this way 
Disempowering beliefs are like a chronic condition.

First, it's uncomfortable.

Then you convince yourself that this is how life is.

And then over time, you might not even pay attention to them...
This can last for years...
Even decades...
Or even your whole life...
People keep living with disempowering beliefs because they don't know that it's completely in their power to identify and dismantle them - so that they can see what's possible and go after it with full power.
Attention: Active and Aspiring High-Achievers
If I offered you to spend less than an hour
to start developing mastery in how to:

~ identify your disempowering beliefs
~ understand their mechanism & dismantle them
~ replace them with a new empowering context

so that you can pursue your goals and aspirations
with zest and wisdom

would you take me up on that offer?
a power program
Career Crakathon
Smash your disempowering career beliefs now!

Career Crackathon is a unique thoroughly-designed process that guides you to
~ identify a disempowering belief in an aspect of your career where you're stopped
~ understand how the belief is constructed and functions
~ dismantle the belief and replace it with a new empowering context.

Gain awareness, experience freedom and finally go after results you want!

This is an invitation
to crack walls,
shatter ceilings, and
smash roadblocks.
Let's take everything out of the way
for you to be fully empowered and impactful!

What can you expect to get out of Career Crackathon


Awareness of your current paradigm of thinking and how you've designed it


A new empowering context for your career and work


A new habit to cement your new way of thinking


Plan for what's next

What's involved

You will receive daily instructions over the course of 3 days.

It should take you about 15 minutes a day, if that, to do the assignments.

And also...


You can use Career Crackathon as many times as you wish. What?? Yes... Any disempowering belief you encounter (and you will start noticing them as a master soon), you will be able to run through this process. 


(Just please don't tell anyone...:-) You can use Career Crackathon to dismantle a disempowering belief in any area of your life...

This is a proven breakthrough methodology that you can easily master and have at your disposal for the rest of your life.

Get Career Crackathon for $128

Examples of how it works

Kiani V, Spain, Business Owner
"I am not lucky"... or maybe I am
I am known for starting many business ideas, getting excited about them and then leaving them behind. For years I knew that I had a pattern but I didn't know how to break it.

After working thought the Crackathon process, I distinguished my belief "I'm not lucky." After that I could clearly see how this belief had been playing me for years and how I used it to sabotage my engagement in my projects.

Now that I am aware of it and its mechanism, there is nothing in the way of my business I've been working on for the past 3 years.
Misha Rubin, Inventor of Career Crackathon
A belief that kept coming up...
After I developed Career Crackathon, I used it on many occasions. I noticed that a certain disempowering belief kept coming up in many situations.

Every time I didn't produce a result I wanted, I defaulted to the belief "I'm not trying hard enough." It was like I lived with a constant never-satisfied critic sitting on my shoulder and always downplaying my effort. It left me feeling a discouraged, beat up loser. I also was exhausted from taking actions just to satisfy my critic!

When I looked deeper, I found an abundant evidence that I'm trying really hard. After that, once and for all, I let my critic go. Though rarely, he still shows up once in a while - but I know better and just laugh at him.