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 Hello there... 

Welcome, I'm Misha Rubin.

I’ve partnered with numerous executives, professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs, guiding them to:

  • Reinvent their careers
  • Successfully navigate significant transitions 
  • Launch and grow their own businesses
  • Thrive in both their professional and personal lives.

But my expertise isn’t just theoretical. I live the 'Leap by Design' principles in my own life.

I built my corporate career and become a Partner at a Big Four Consultancy where I advised hundreds of Wall Street executives.

I know about career leaps first hand:

I left my corporate career behind, and started The Career Leap, my coaching and educational business that represents my life’s work.

My personal life is also marked by many leaps:

I’ve adopted three children within two years, released an album of original music, and was honored with the Worldwide Orphan's Humanitarian Award for founding the Children of Ukraine non-profit in response to the war.

Now let's see what I can do for you...

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