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I Guide People Towards Meaningful Fulfilling Work

by tapping into their self awareness and building new potent paradigms of thinking 

Does this sound like you:

I'm looking for an answer to what's next for me

I want my next career move to meet the high bar of my aspirations

The time is now

If yes, you're in the right place.

About Misha Rubin

Until recently, I was a partner at a "Big Four" management consulting firm, where I spent 15 glorious years. I managed $100M+ worth of projects; navigated dozens of corporate cultures; advised hundreds of clients; guided hundreds of careers.

Based on my corporate experience and personal journey, I developed methodology for career and leadership guidance - pragmatic, elevating, and actionable processes designed for you to obtain clarity about your career and leadership leap.

So if you've been looking for answers to lasting questions and trying to make changes and tweaks...

And now wondering if it's possible to turn around your career into a meaningful and fulfilling venture... The answer is YES. Let me guide you.

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What Others Say

There Is a Method to Discovering Your Passion

Misha allowed me to step away from 'my job as means of survival' mindset and recall what I am actually passionate about in life and in my career. I've got back my spark, interest and curiosity about many aspects of my career that I stopped pursuing for some time. As a result, several new work opportunities surfaced immediately and I'm currently pursuing them.

Anna S., Architect, CT

Letting Go of Fear to Move Forward

I’m usually a very enthusiastic person, but lately I felt demotivated and needed to go back on track with my life goals and fulfilling my potential. Working with Misha was by far the best investment in myself and my career other than the grad school.  I’ve learned to understand my inner drive, established career values, reiterated my strengths and am ready to go in any direction I choose with full confidence. No more “justified paralysis”! I’m ready to rock and roll and meet with my next CEO!

Regina P., Program Manager, Retail and Technology, 45, California

Career Crackathon

A free 3-day mini-course to smash limiting believes and open new ways of thinking about your career explorations

more about Crackathon

The Career Rebels  podcast

Here is your evidence that yes, it's possible to find meaningful fulfilling careers, make unprecedented career changes and live awesome lives

Coming soon

If this sounds like you:

I know that I want my work to be impactful and awesome

I'm done tolerating career mediocrity

My time is now

you're invited to join The Career Rebels.

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