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About Misha Rubin
(an official version)

Misha Rubin is CEO of The Career Leap. His mission is to facilitate meaningful intentional changes in people's lives.

He was a Partner at Ernst & Young, where he spent 15 fruitful years of his career. He sold and managed hundreds millions worth of projects and guided careers of hundreds professionals.

His 20-year corporate experience, personal quest for meaning and work with hundreds, birthed the The Career Leap method, a guided actionable inquiry that is structured for you to discover and pursue your next career move.

Misha has worked with hundreds to reinvent their careers, start new businesses and reenergize their lives.

Born and raised in Ukraine, Misha is on the board of Worldwide Orphans (WWO), a non-profit that supports children at risk globally, and in 2022 he founded Children of Ukraine to support children with trauma during and post Russian invasion. He received Humanitarian Award that year for his work in Ukraine.

Misha is an adoptive parent of 3. He is a recorded artist; Are We Ready, an album of his original songs, was released in 2013 under the artist name Misha Lyuve.

About Misha Rubin
(for real)

Hello I'm Misha.

And I know the feeling.

...Because I worked so many hours, that even when I slept it seemed I was still at work.

Because when my 3-month paternal leave was over, I was terrified to go back to work.

Because I was laid off.

Because I was the parent who worked from home during COVID while juggling logging in my three kids into 3 different virtual classes.

Because I experienced feeling desperately stuck and couldn't bare going to the office.

...Because as a "boss" I supported my people trough death of a parent, birth of a child, spousal turmoil, mental illness, physical disability, difficult client, you name it...

I also guided hundreds of talented successful professionals in their career development. So I've seen the ins and the outs of being making tough decision, feeling stuck and unfulfilled, wanting to get to the next level but not knowing how, questioning oneself...

So several years ago I decided  to leave my corporate career and dedicate myself to helping professionals like you thrive at their jobs. That's why I developed The Career Leap.

My life is big, busy and messy. And I like it that way, because it is about change, growth and learning. Apart from my business, my kids (10-year old twin girls and a 13-year old boy) really keep me on my toes.

Oh... almost forgot. On top of everything, we we recently adopted a bernedoodle puppy. So now I'm learning the ropes of being a pet-dad.

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In Music
In 2013 Misha released ARE WE READY, an album of his original songs under artist name Misha Lyuve.

Available on:
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