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Career Reinvention Case Studies
 Case Study: Career Leap that Transformed the Whole Life
Dan D., Finance Director, TX 
Case Study: From Financial Services to Humanitarian
Tanya L, Corporate Attorney, Mother of 3 
 "The program has balance a high level birds-eye overview of the participant's life & career trajectory, with concrete practical steps to goal realization.

I am glad I made this investment in my career change journey, and finally tackled it with a new approach! Misha is a terrific cheerleader, full of encouragement and inspiration.

Sometimes that is all you need to get out of a career rut."


 Case Study: Falling back in Love with  Architecture
Anna S., 41, Connecticut, Architect 
        "The program allowed me to step away from 'my job as means of survival' mindset and recall what I am actually passionate about in life and in my career.

       I've got back my spark, interest, and curiosity. As a result, several new work opportunities surfaced immediately and I'm currently pursuing them."

Selected Testimonials
"Misha's gift for distilling complex ideas into simple, powerful phrases is remarkable. During the toughest moments in my business, his insights turned my strategy around. After our conversation, I felt inspired and saw a whole new realm of possibilities. Misha is an incredible, trustworthy guide. If you're ready to elevate your business, I highly recommend him. I'm immensely grateful for his invaluable help and guidance."
Mandy E, COO, Silicon Valley
Misha possesses an uncanny ability to ask just the right questions, questions that led me to insight I would never have reached on my own. He helped me to identify and clear blockages that were holding me back.
Christine L, Entrepreneur
““I understand who I am, what I want and what I need. There is no way I could’ve done this by myself” ”
Kristen T., Management Consultant
“He’s turned into a completely different person”
Client’s Loving Wife
Pandemic reshuffled a mix of my personal circumstances and priorities.  The Career Leap framework allowed to fit early open-ended exploration within a more structured approach and a sense of path, avoiding "analysis paralysis."

Misha has an exceptional ability at framing and formulating complex, fuzzy and unstructured matters. I wanted to thank Misha for all his help, facilitating exploration and revealing blind spots.

Ina G., PA, Data Science
In the recent years, I’ve become bored, unfulfilled, and frankly hating every weekday morning. But the paycheck was important.

A few months of a carefully thought out and rigorous curriculum of course-work, working with Misha, I find myself suddenly excited with my career prospects ahead! He helped my identify my career values, what makes me tick, understand my strengths and be able to present myself in a way that I am truly passionate about, with evidence to back it all. I’m clear and confident about the next steps in my career - something I have not felt in a long time!

-Alex M., IT Executive
I am making a transition later in my career & knew I needed some assistance in my next steps. Career Leap challenged me to view opportunities from a different perspective & to focus on things I had overlooked. Misha provides the hands-on guidance & support you can’t get from a book. The exercises & tools we used were captured in a way that I can always access them to keep me on track!
Barbara P, 43, Technology, Financial Services
“The program took me through the journey of self-discovery, self-improvement and self-actualization”
-Helen S., Project Manager
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