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"What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” - Mary Oliver
As a "What's Next" coach, I help design future careers and life paths. Here’s how I can help:
Corporate Executives: Develop a vision for your future, create a career strategy (including reinvention), plan of actions, and get support in achieving your goals, including transitions and work-life balance.
CEOs, Visionaries, Founders: Explore big-picture ideas, make decisions that stand the test of time, and take the next significant step.
Retiring Executives: Design your next chapter by developing criteria for the right opportunities, exploring areas of impact, making informed decisions, and designing your life.
My Leap by Design methodology is a system of tools for living an empowered, impactful life. I use it personally and with clients.
Key principles:
↳  Knowing what to do in life stems from knowing who you are.
↳ An intentionally created future shapes your present experience, guiding your actions and fostering enthusiasm and empowerment. It simplifies prioritization and decision-making.
↳ To explore what’s next, you need to define your unique criteria for design and use a systematic approach to evaluate ideas.
↳ Higher-order success, like meaning and fulfillment, comes from aligning with your vocational value system.
Why consider a coach?
↳ Everyone has blind spots
↳ Accelerate the process 
↳ Avoid mistakes and detours 
↳ Every high performance athlete has one. 
Why work with me?
↳ I walk the talk (I've made significant life leaps and apply the Leap by Design methodology in my own life)
↳ Track record of success with my clients 
↳ A proven methodology and structured approach 
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Misha Rubin is a “What’s Next” coach and CEO of The Career Leap. His mission is to facilitate meaningful intentional changes at work and in life.

He led 100s Visionaries, CEOs & Executives to what’s next:
↳ career reinvention
↳ fast tracking
↳ life, career and business transitions.

Before founding The Career Leap, he was a Partner at Ernst & Young, where he spent 15 fruitful years of his career. He sold and managed hundreds millions worth of projects and guided careers of hundreds professionals.

Born and raised in Ukraine, Misha is on the board of Worldwide Orphans (WWO), a non-profit that supports children at risk globally, and in 2022 he founded Children of Ukraine to support children with trauma during and post Russian invasion. Misha receive 2022 Humanitarian Award for his work in Ukraine.

Misha is an adoptive parent of 3. He is a recorded artist; Are We Ready, an album of his original songs, was released in 2013 under the artist name Misha Lyuve.
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